Practice These Safety Tips When Removing a Tree From Your Yard

Removing a tree is often necessary when it is in the way of your backyard landscaping design, it is growing too close to your home, or because it is diseased or dying. If you decide to remove it yourself, you need to be very careful and follow these important safety tips. Be Careful Around Power Lines One of the primary dangers of removing a tree is that they are often too close to power lines. [Read More]

Warning Signs of Impending Tree Removal

Although having a tree on your yard can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your residence, living with one that is no longer structurally sound can be quite hazardous. Trees generally tend to be sturdy and will stay healthy for a significant period of time. However, if the tree is too old, has been exposed to a pest infestation or has developed a disease, then it may be better off opting for tree removal rather than simply having it pruned and reshaped. [Read More]

Why Tree Lopping Is A Job Best Done By Professionals

There are a lot of DIY projects you can undertake when you are free at home; tree lopping should not be one of them! Tree lopping is a job that should be left to the experts because they have a better understanding of landscapes and tree biology and care. Here are some of the crucial advantages you can benefit from by letting a specialized tree lopper to do the work for you: [Read More]

Why Hire a Stump Removal Company For Your Property

Stump removal can be a good choice for when you have a dead or diseased tree on your lot that doesn't seem to grow or for when you're planning on reworking the landscaping of your yard. Removing a stump can make it easier to mow or otherwise care for your lawn.  It's usually recommended that you hire a company to handle stump removal, but you may assume you can do this yourself with a shovel and a few hours of your time. [Read More]