How To Prune Deciduous Trees

If you have deciduous trees growing on your land, routine pruning is important to help keep them healthy and control their height and spread.  If the trees aren't too large, you could prune them yourself, although any particularly tall, large-limbed trees are best left to a professional arborist. For those gardeners planning to take the DIY route, here's a brief guide to pruning deciduous trees: Reasons for pruning deciduous trees

Two Ways To Determine Whether Your Tree Will Survive A Harsh Winter

In July 2015, Queensland got to experience the unusual treat of snow which this state very rarely sees. While it is fun to watch your kids outside building a snowman for a change, these freezing temperatures also put a lot of stress on your gardens. Trees that are already compromised by disease or old age could be hazardous when they strain under the weight of snow. Branches that fall onto roofs or sheds will do damage.