How to Have Hearty and High-Reaching Trees

Two types of people that should not keep palm trees on their properties

If you are one of the following two types of people, you should make sure that any palm trees on your property are removed before disaster strikes.

Pet owners

If you are a pet owner and you have one or more palm trees in your garden, you should enlist the help of a palm tree removalist as soon as possible.

There are several reasons why it is not a good idea to have this kind of tree on your property if you are a pet owner.

Firstly, if coconuts grow on any of your palm trees, and you have a cat or dog that is allowed to roam around your garden, your pet may end up becoming ill or injured as a result of coming into contact with this fruit.

For example, if a coconut falls from the tree and cracks when it lands on the ground, your pet may eat some of the exposed fruit flesh.

Whilst consumption of coconut flesh will not usually cause severe poisoning in a dog or cat, it can cause an animal to experience painful gastrointestinal symptoms if eaten in large quantities.

Additionally, if your dog or cat tries to chew on a broken shard of the fruit's outer shell, they may end up with cuts in their mouth. Worse still, if they attempt to swallow the shard, it could get stuck in their throat.

It's also worth noting that the fruit that falls from your palm tree could also injure or kill any pet fish that you keep in your garden pond if it lands in the water and strikes them.

As such, if you're a pet owner, it is best not to have this type of tree on your property.

Parents of young children

If you have a young child, you should find a palm tree removalist in your town or city and ask them to remove all of the palm trees that are on your property.

The reason for this is as follows; a lot of young children love to climb trees. This is not necessarily always a risky activity, particularly in instances where the tree's trunk is wide and rigid and has lots of protruding, sturdy branches that can be used as footholds.

However, it could be very dangerous for your child to try to climb one of the palm trees in your garden.

This is because palm trees have narrow trunks that are far more pliable than the trunks of other tree species, and they also don't usually have any protruding branches or stubs that a person can hold onto or place their foot on whilst climbing.

As such, if your child tries to ascend one of the palm trees in your garden, it is very likely that they will either lose their grip on the trunk and fall to the ground or that the trunk itself will bend under their weight when they reach the top and cause them to lose their balance and fall.

In either of these situations, your child would probably sustain very serious injuries.

If you have children or pets, contact a palm tree removalist to remove the trees in your yard.