How to Have Hearty and High-Reaching Trees

Two reasons to cut down the trees in your garden

There are a number of reasons why you might want to cut down some of the trees in your garden. Read on to find out what these reasons are.

Your house was built on clay soil

If your house was built on clay soil, then it may be worth paying a tree removal professional to cut down the trees in your outdoor space.

The reason for this is that clay is an expansive soil. This means that when it is exposed to moisture, it expands, and when moisture is extracted from it, it contracts.

This could be a problem if you have multiple trees in your garden, as the root systems of these trees may eventually start to grow towards the clay soil below your house's foundation. If this should happen, these roots may soak up all of the moisture in the clay soil and in doing so, cause it to contract.

The contraction of the soil below your house could then lead to the foundation gradually sinking further and further into the ground. As this happens, the foundation will crack and will no longer be able to support and stabilise the rest of the property.

This could result in structural damage throughout your home, which could cost a lot of money to repair.

As such, if you know that there is clay soil below your house, it's worth arranging for an arborist to remove the trees from your property.

The trees are deciduous

If one or more of the trees in your garden are deciduous, then you may want to have them cut down.

The reasoning behind this tip is deciduous trees periodically shed their leaves. If you take great pride in the appearance of your garden and like to keep it looking as neat and tidy as possible, the presence of dead leaves all over your lawn, patio, outdoor furniture and flower beds may be quite frustrating.

Keeping your garden tidy during the periods of the year when these trees shed their leaves is probably a very time-consuming and difficult task because as soon as you have finished sweeping up one pile of leaves, other leaves start to fall off the trees' branches.

If this is something that has bothered you for a long time, then it may be best to simply have these trees removed. This should make the process of tidying your garden considerably quicker and easier.