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How to Deal with Your Downed Tree in the Aftermath of a Severe Storm

2016 has been a year of severe weather for Australia with longstanding rainfall and temperature records broken in Queensland, arctic winds in New South Wales and Victoria, and ferocious storms battering Australia's east coast. In such severe weather, large trees can become a hazard to the surrounding area, putting power lines, cars, houses and people's lives at risk. 

Ideally, if you're expecting wild weather in your area it might be best to call an arborist for tree removal so that they can handle any large trees that might come down in high winds on your property. However, unless you are a soothsayer you might not be adequately prepared if storms do hit your area. 

So how do you deal with your fallen trees in the aftermath of a storm? 

Get on the Phone Fast

The sooner you call an emergency arborist to deal with your fallen tree, the better. After the storms in the South West earlier this year, the State Emergency Service received 580 calls for help within 24 hours. If you leave it too late you might just find yourself on a very long waiting list. 

Warn People in the Area

If the downed tree has taken out your fence or is laid across your front yard, adventurous kids may be able to access it and this can be a danger to wandering kids. Warn your neighbours as soon as possible so they can keep their kids away.

Cordon off Your Yard

You can also keep anyone from accessing your tree uninvited by cordoning off the area until an arborist can come and clear the mess up.

Invite Neighbours Over for Free Firewood 

After a storm every arborist for miles around may well be fully booked for hours if not days. An effective method of clearing away a particularly large tree is to inform people in your neighbourhood that you have quite a substantial amount of free firewood available should they wish to come and take it. With any luck you may find that most of the tree, except for the trunk, is already gone by the time professional help arrives. 

With storm and cyclone season not too far off, you should ensure that any trees in your area will not pose a threat in severe weather. If you suspect that a tree on your property or one nearby might endanger the surrounding area, call a professional arborist and arrange for a tree inspection.