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Why Hire a Stump Removal Company For Your Property

Stump removal can be a good choice for when you have a dead or diseased tree on your lot that doesn't seem to grow or for when you're planning on reworking the landscaping of your yard. Removing a stump can make it easier to mow or otherwise care for your lawn. 

It's usually recommended that you hire a company to handle stump removal, but you may assume you can do this yourself with a shovel and a few hours of your time. Note a few reasons to hire a stump removal company for your property no matter the size of the tree stump or where it's located.

1. Underground pipes and cables

Digging up a tree stump is often more involved than you realize because you need to know how the roots of the tree are affecting underground pipes and cables. Even a dead tree will still have roots in the ground, and these may have wrapped around pipes or are running parallel to cables. If you were to simply dig up the stump and pull up those roots, you may see that they crack your home's plumbing pipes or pull up cables at the same time. A professional stump removal company will know how to properly cut roots or check to see if there is anything underground they need to dig around so that nothing on your property is damaged.

2. Disposal

Once you dig up a tree stump, where will you put it? Typically, you cannot put such a large item out with your standard, everyday trash. You may be thinking of renting a wood chipper to dispose of the stump, but these can be very dangerous if not used properly. A stump grinding company can not only remove the tree stump but also dispose of it properly; they may even have an arrangement with nearby companies to sell or donate the wood chips so that they're reused and stay out of landfills.

3. Treating the roots or remaining parts of the tree

If you don't remove the roots of a tree and ensure that you dig up all its remaining parts, it may actually grow back. If you're pulling up a stump to rework your landscaping or because a tree is interfering with other vegetation, and you don't pull up or somehow kill the tree roots, you may find that you need to have the tree removed again in a few years. A stump removal company can cut the tree roots or otherwise make sure that they don't grow again so you don't need to deal with the work of removal repeatedly.

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